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Prevent Conceptus Interruptus: How Math Can Improve Your Creativity

This presentation is based on a post I wrote in 2010. Advertisements

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Disruptive Challenger Brands and Names

I presented this simple deck to a client that had everything it needed to succeed as a challenger brand in its category, except a challenger brand name. Now they’re considering changing it.

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Is it about Abercrombie & Fitch? Or is it about us?

Abercrombie & Fitch is hardly the only clothing brand to not make plus sizes. If A&F CEO Mike Jeffries committed a faux pas, it’s for saying in public what many other executives privately think (whether in similar words or their own definition of cool): … Continue reading

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What part of the Paleolithic Diet does DreamWorks and House Foods Tofu not understand?

Co-branding and co-promotions, when done well, can introduce new customers and bring energy and innovation to more established brands. I worked for a few years at an experiential marketing agency that often brought together automotive and like-minded brands in other … Continue reading

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I don’t Like a lot of stuff on Facebook

I’ve been thinking about Facebook’s Lookalike Audience targeting and how Liking something on Facebook doesn’t always translate into a purchase. A person on Facebook might Like Ferrari and drive a Ford. What do I Like on Facebook (and what might this suggest about my buying habits)? … Continue reading

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Free Bird: A Groupon Lynyrd Skynrd Case Study

Challenge: ’70s southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, needs to recruit a new generation of listeners while attracting older fans. Solution: Groupon ticket sales during their 2013 tour for almost half price. Results (fantasy): People will sample Lynyrd Skynyrd, as if they’re an ice … Continue reading

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I was wrong; this is the most pathetic thing I’ve read

Earlier this month I came across what I thought was the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read, but I should have known better. Today I came across this quote from the designer, Neville Brody: An electrician isn’t an opinion former, … Continue reading

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