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Parenting with E-Prime

Over dinner, my son told me about his day and he mentioned he heard an older kid play guitar at school. I asked him if he knew the name of the song. He told me he didn’t. But then he … Continue reading

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Google gave someone a tummy ache

Okay. So Google may not exactly have given someone a tummy ache, but Google—in its current form—made it more difficult for someone find and get relief. I noticed someone arrived to my blog yesterday after they searched for what’s better than pepto-bismal. Curious, I … Continue reading

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E-Prime works better than Pepto-Bismol

My stomach hurt last night and chugalugging a bottle of Pepto-Bismol would not have helped. It had nothing to do with what I ate; my pain came from reading what I wrote. I acted quickly by reading a few pages I bookmarked … Continue reading

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