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Prevent Conceptus Interruptus: How Math Can Improve Your Creativity

This presentation is based on a post I wrote in 2010. Advertisements

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I’ll have whatever Ian Hunter’s having

I saw Ian Hunter on September 1st. He’s 73 years old. That’s not a typo; Ian Hunter was born in 1939. That means he possesses far more experience than most. Life experience as well as writing, recording and performing experience. And while a … Continue reading

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The best shopping bag I ever worked on.

We worked on everything from edutainment sites that let you create virtual power outages to shopping bags on the SCE (Southern California Edison) account. The shopping bag was a brilliant choice of media on SCE’s part for their CARE (California … Continue reading

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On Sears and how to fix a broken pitch process

Why are DDB, TBWA, Deutsch and Leo Burnett not going to pitch Sears? It’s a huge account, they spent $500 million in advertising last year. Because Sears demanded that every agency that pitches them give up ownership of everything they present, … Continue reading

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Can math improve your creativity?

Lots of books on creativity suggest using your subconscious to help you come up with better creative ideas by putting away what you’re working on and doing something different. Assuming you’re working on an ad, an app, a game, a … Continue reading

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