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My April Fools’ LinkedIn Page

A large number of people, who’ve not been on my LinkedIn page in years, chose today to visit. Changing my job status on April 1st from Freelance Senior Copywriter to Boxing Trainer and Manager at Starr’s Boxing Emporium could be the cause. So far no … Continue reading

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Don’t Like Your Job? Go AWOL

Bob’s an old guy who lives in my neighborhood. He’s got what he calls skin art on his left arm, a faded mermaid he met in San Diego. Bob rolled up his sleeve because I asked him if he was in the … Continue reading

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I was wrong; this is the most pathetic thing I’ve read

Earlier this month I came across what I thought was the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read, but I should have known better. Today I came across this quote from the designer, Neville Brody: An electrician isn’t an opinion former, … Continue reading

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Focus groups are bad because of what they do to you

Focus groups are part pseudoscience, part theater. That’s a given. But their negative effect is more insidious than you think. Why? Because most people who work in advertising disconnect themselves from the real world. They spend most of their time with other … Continue reading

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Lessons from a young boxer

Last night I sparred with two boxers half my age. Tough Russian kids with heavy accents who could have turned me into a bowl of borscht. Instead, they’d stop to demonstrate technique and then go back to knocking some sense … Continue reading

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On Sears and how to fix a broken pitch process

Why are DDB, TBWA, Deutsch and Leo Burnett not going to pitch Sears? It’s a huge account, they spent $500 million in advertising last year. Because Sears demanded that every agency that pitches them give up ownership of everything they present, … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

I had the privilege of coming up with the agency holiday card during my first year at DDB Los Angeles. We were in Frank Gehry’s Binocular Building, which had previously been occupied by ChiatDay, and so I stuffed Santa head first down one of … Continue reading

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