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Prevent Conceptus Interruptus: How Math Can Improve Your Creativity

This presentation is based on a post I wrote in 2010. Advertisements

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We played CBGBs 30 years ago today

Thirty years ago today, Government Issue—which at the time was John Stabb, Tom Lyle, Marc Alberstadt and myself—played CBGBs. It was an all-ages, Saturday matinée show because most of the kids who bought our records and went to see us … Continue reading

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The Wire: Season 6, Jimmy and the boys work with the NSA to stop terrorism in Baltimore.

Jimmy McNulty and the rest of the detectives are back on the case. This time they’re tracking an Islamist group in Baltimore selling stolen bikes to finance their terrorist activities. Joined by consultant, Edward Snowden, and members of the NSA, they’ve … Continue reading

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I don’t Like a lot of stuff on Facebook

I’ve been thinking about Facebook’s Lookalike Audience targeting and how Liking something on Facebook doesn’t always translate into a purchase. A person on Facebook might Like Ferrari and drive a Ford. What do I Like on Facebook (and what might this suggest about my buying habits)? … Continue reading

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My April Fools’ LinkedIn Page

A large number of people, who’ve not been on my LinkedIn page in years, chose today to visit. Changing my job status on April 1st from Freelance Senior Copywriter to Boxing Trainer and Manager at Starr’s Boxing Emporium could be the cause. So far no … Continue reading

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When truth in advertising gets criticized

I don’t often write about advertising. It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s just so many others have the time to do it on a regular basis. When I write about advertising, it’s either because I see an opportunity that’s … Continue reading

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Don’t Like Your Job? Go AWOL

Bob’s an old guy who lives in my neighborhood. He’s got what he calls skin art on his left arm, a faded mermaid he met in San Diego. Bob rolled up his sleeve because I asked him if he was in the … Continue reading

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