What part of the Paleolithic Diet does DreamWorks and House Foods Tofu not understand?

What would Fred Flintstone eat?

What would Fred Flintstone eat?

Co-branding and co-promotions, when done well, can introduce new customers and bring energy and innovation to more established brands. I worked for a few years at an experiential marketing agency that often brought together automotive and like-minded brands in other categories, and I can claim personal responsibility for getting Scion to sponsor roller derby bouts across the country in 2006—a move that enabled Scion to venture beyond their constant hyping of house music, rap and graffiti art and reach a cohort of young drivers they previously ignored.

So I was interested to see DreamWorks’ co-promotions for its new movie, The Croods.  I understand DreamWorks faces pressure to do something healthier than Happy Meals. But  promoting tofu with cavemen is ironic.

Cavemen were hunter/gatherers. They could not have eaten tofu, nor French fries for that matter. And what they ate inspired the modern paleolithic or caveman diet, a diet popular at crossfit gyms and based on what cavemen likely ate: wild plants and animals caught on the run.

What do contemporary paleo diet practitioners eat? Mostly fish, grass-fed beef, eggs, vegetables, fruits, fungi, roots and nuts. What do they not eat? Grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar and processed oils. What’s tofu? Soy and soy is a legume, which, like Fred Flintstone, no self-respecting caveman would ever eat. But I’m sure the target of moms looking for inexpensive sources of protein could care less about historically accurate foodstuffs as long as their kids eat it. Hint: add tofu to mac n’ cheese. It’s delish and no one will know it’s there!

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