I don’t Like a lot of stuff on Facebook

facebook-thumbs-downI’ve been thinking about Facebook’s Lookalike Audience targeting and how Liking something on Facebook doesn’t always translate into a purchase. A person on Facebook might Like Ferrari and drive a Ford.

What do I Like on Facebook (and what might this suggest about my buying habits)?

                  • Some bands such as Slade, Mott the Hoople and Sweet, and Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band, which doesn’t have an avatar or a FB page and just 34 people out of the entire FB universe claim they “Like”
                  • Some books like Chesapeake, The Satanic Verses, King Rat, The Mayor of Casterbrige, The Last of the Mohicans (not the movie), Silas Marner, Lord Jim and Moby Dick
                  • Couple of movies: Atlantic City, Casablanca, Girl on a Bridge, When Father was Away on Business
                  • Some activities like boxing, traveling, hiking

What is missing is Liking any brands or products. But there are two things I own that I would not like to go without: a Traeger grill, which as of this second 26,686 people Like, and an Instant Pot, which is Liked by 1,138. Both of these are great products. Both do things in a ways nothing else can. Both should last a long time. If either were to break, I’d no longer like them (not unLike them on Facebook; I don’t Like either of them on FB), I mean, not like them. For real. But I don’t expect either of these to breakdown.

So if I were to Like on Facebook either my Traeger Grill or my Instant Pot—which I don’t Like, on FB I mean—what might that tell marketers? Maybe what stuff I might want to buy to put on my Traeger Grill or put in my Instant Pot? Probably not. We buy whole sides of grass-fed beef and hogs from ranchers we didn’t meet or Friend or Like on Facebook. Vegetables? We grow an amazing amount in our backyard. Recipe books? Recipe books! That way I’ll no longer have to look up recipes online. Actually, I love books. Hardcover books. I don’t like e-reading. But I’m talking about novels. Recipes are perfect for clipping into my Evernote. I like Evernote. Just not on Facebook.


About Robert Moss

I write ads: traditional, non-traditional, interactive, edutainment, story-based, broadcast, and experiential marketing events. Sometimes I write about ads and the business of advertising. Sometimes I write about other stuff. The views expressed here are solely my own and don't reflect the views of my employers. I also published a novel called Descending Memphis that's getting great reviews on Amazon. see http://www.amazon.com/Descending-Memphis-Robert-R-Moss/dp/0692364226
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