I’ll have whatever Ian Hunter’s having

Mark Bosch and Ian Hunter

I saw Ian Hunter on September 1st. He’s 73 years old. That’s not a typo; Ian Hunter was born in 1939. That means he possesses far more experience than most. Life experience as well as writing, recording and performing experience. And while a few older gentlemen of rock and roll are still touring, I can’t think of another who can do it on the strength of new material. Can you? Ian Hunter’s new CD is as great as anything from Mott the Hoople or any of his earlier solo work. And after seeing him play live the other week, I can say with no exaggeration that Ian Hunter—still—rocks.

Fortunately, Ian Hunter’s passionate following wants to hear new songs as well as old favorites. One third of his set were songs from the new CD, an incredible accomplishment when you consider how enormous and superb a library of work he has. Ian Hunter’s show at the Aladdin Theater was not one of those concerts where you wanted to hear only the classics. Nor did it came across as more of a tribute or cover band than the genuine article. It was Ian Hunter. It was the real thing. You’d know if you were there.

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