Best Use of Jargon EVER

Jargon is a leech placed on the skin of ideas. While intended to suck out impurities, it succeeds only in eradicating life from communication. That is, unless, you use jargon like Hui Zheng lab at Baylor College of Medicine in the video above.

You may not get all the jokes or why this is even funny. But you absolutely will if you or your significant other are working on or have earned a PhD in Chemistry, Pharmacology or some other hard science (hard science as opposed to soft science, such as a doctorate in philosophy; some would even say biology).

NOTE: when I met the woman who became my wife,  she was a PhD candidate at UCLA’s Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, and some other people in my family are also scientists, so I get most of the jargon and the jokes. Trust me, Blot, blot, Western Baby. Got no bands, this shit is crazy is hysterical.

But the reason this video succeeds so well is that the students in Zheng lab take jargon out of its sterile environment and give it emotional context. Yet most people who use jargon never attempt anything beyond technician work. And that’s why jargon commodotizes brands and products. Jargon, as most people use it in business communication, kills any possibility of possessing a unique story. What gets your attention and motives you to act? Human stories or data devoid of emotion? If you say stories, why are you still using jargon on your website or in your ads and marketing materials?

Check out the video’s comments.


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