4 Responses to You can’t drink a logo.

  1. Greg Giersch says:

    Interesting insights Robert. Clearly the value of the “Brand” is made up of a lot more than the logo.

    I found it interesting looking at Starbuck’s history of their logo, that with all the times I’ve been exposed to the logo, until now, I never really noticed it was mermaid. You certainly do now.


  2. Robert Moss says:

    Greg, absolutely. The most striking logo design is nothing unless the brand delivers its promise, be it a product, a service, an experience or any combination of them.

    Lee Clow tweeted this morning: If your logo really is your brand, chances are you’re just a label.

  3. Robert Moss says:

    Charlie Quirk makes an excellent case for the Starbucks logo change. Please read.

  4. Thanks again for the mention Rob.

    Again, I think the Craigslist example is a great one. The logo may be shoddy and slapdash, but Craigslist ain’t Louis Vuitton, nor does it pretend to be. The company simply took a well trodden path in the analog world (personal classifieds) and made it relevant in the digital realm. Utility writ large, no posturing required. Or logo for that matter.

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