Are you a professional sailor?

Why do some people say they don’t want to get paid for doing something they love? I know the answer, they think it’ll turn their passion into a job. So does that mean they want to spend 40 plus hours a week getting paid to do something they hate? Or a job they have no feelings for whatsoever? Is that a life worth living?

“Are you a professional sailor?” was a question I was asked by someone I don’t know, who was half listening to a conversation I was having at a New Years Eve party. I could have made up a story about being an America’s Cup helmsman, but it was an honest question and so I answered it.

For a few years I was a part-time sailing instructor and on the water as often as three times a week. I got paid for doing something I love and it didn’t spoil my feelings about sailing at all. The same in true in my career as a copywriter. I love writing and coming up with ideas, as well as the challenge of working on unfamiliar subjects. Getting paid for it doesn’t turn it into a job. It’s a game. And life should be about having fun playing games. Do you agree?

Posted at 7:05 pm on Sun, Jan 2, 2011

About Robert Moss

I write ads: traditional, non-traditional, interactive, edutainment, story-based, broadcast, and experiential marketing events. Sometimes I write about ads and the business of advertising. Sometimes I write about other stuff. The views expressed here are solely my own and don't reflect the views of my employers. I also published a novel called Descending Memphis that's getting great reviews on Amazon. see
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